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Make Shopping and Restocking Part of Your Spring Cleaning

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Are you as excited about the warmer weather as I am? I love that I can have the windows open for at least part of the day! Warmer weather also means spring cleaning. Shopping and restocking are a part of that process, as we’ve looked at in other posts. The shopping and restocking process can be easier, with fewer trips with a few simple tips to help you get it done efficiently.

Organize Your List

Keeping a list of thing you need to buy and restock is helpful, but it only goes so far. Instead, try keeping several lists. Break them down by store – where can you most effectively purchase the items you need to buy.

Use an app like Simplenote to store your list electronically so you can move items from one store’s list to another if your first choice of locations doesn’t have the item in stock. You can also share your list with others so they can help you shop. For groceries, the grocery master list can help you remember items you might otherwise forget.

If your memory of store layouts is really good, you can further break down those store-based lists by in-store location. This will help you not double back. As you work your way through your list, aisle by aisle, sticking to your list also helps you stay within budget.

If you shop Amazon as often as I do, check out Alexa! You can organize all your shopping items and keep track of orders to price compare. There’s a to-do list feature too!

Put Items Away Right Away`

When you get home, store the restocking items you’ve purchased right away. Be sure to add them to the inventory list for the appropriate box and remove them from the master restock list. This way, you won’t buy items twice and you’ll know where everything is the next time you need it.

Delegate and Ask for Help

Since many list apps allow you to share the lists you create, get help with your shopping trips. Ask your partner, children, roommate or friends to pick up items for you. Or, give us a call for help managing all your spring cleaning projects and organizing your shopping.

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